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Take a fresh look at your calendar

Zippycal is a fun, practical and easy to use calendar app with a difference. 

  • Each days events are presented against a familiar clock face, so you can see at a glance how your time is looking. 

  • Add an event by simply dragging your finger around the clock face

  • Just tap to see the details of an event. Tap again to edit those details.

  • Scroll through the 30 day look ahead view, to easily see how your mornings and afternoons are looking.

  • Set meeting limits, and let Zippycal block out your time between meetings so that you can get some work done!

  • Set your start and end of working days, and easily switch between your working day and evening event schedule

  • Utilises the built-in Calendar app services to support all your current calendars

  • Includes Apple Watch app

Screen 1.png

Check out your day at a glance

  • Uses a simple clock face to present you with a view of your day

  • The default working hours of 9 to 5 can be changed to suit you

  • Summarises how much time is used up by events and how much you have free

  • A 30 day lookahead shows you how your mornings and afternoons are stacking up

Screen 2.png

Quickly see the details

  • Tap on the clock face to see the details of each event

  • Tap again to edit those details

Screen 3.png

A clear view of your schedule

  • Drag up the handle to get a more traditional view of your events, presented in a simple, clear list

  • Tap on an event in the list to see the detail

Screen 4.png

It’s not just about work

  • Tap “Your day”, or “Your Evening” to switch between views

  • Helps you keep after-work time separate

  • Starts from the end of your working day setting

  • Automatically changes to the evening view when you get to the end of your working day (you can change this to any time to suit you)

Screen 5.png

It’s your time

  • Choose which of your iOS calendars you want to see

  • Change the theme from a fun, animated scenic background to a plain sky blue or black background

  • Set a limit to the number of hours you want to spend in meetings each day. When you hit this limit, Zippycal will give you the option of blocking out the rest of your day with “No more meetings”

Check out the video below to see more of Zippycal in action